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Letter from the Board

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 8:35pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

Dear Unity Members and Friends,
Well, at long-last: Summer has arrived. Although at the time of this writing it’s been raining off and on for several days now. Spring seemed to come a little late this year and for the most part seemed cooler than usual. We have had some nice days as well so I know that we can look forward to a few more ahead before it’s time to put away the shorts and sandals and start fishing out our autumn wardrobe. In the meantime let us all pray that we will enjoy smoke-free skies this summer. 
During these summer months everyone has their own lists of activities that they enjoy doing: traveling, hiking, camping out, fishing, boating, swimming and not the least of these, reading. For me nothing (well almost nothing) compares to having a cool beverage, a comfortable shady spot with your most comfortable yard-chair and a good book to read. Since there are always other things to do or jobs that need to get done around one’s house, having the time to read is at a premium. I’m kind of an omnivore when it comes to reading: books of fiction and non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, menus, cereal boxes, clothing tags, you name it, I read it! Despite my lack of focus at times, I still have a sense of priority with regard to what types of literature I am willing to invest my time in. For me, I like reading things that are inspirational and can help make a difference in how one lives life as one continues along their own, unique spiritual path. 
 Of course, here at Unity of Missoula, we have an abundance of inspirational literature in our library as well as periodic pamphlets that Unity’s Worldwide Ministries produce throughout the year. We all have enjoyed the “Daily Word” and the “Seasonal” publications that they provide. I would like to thank our church administrator, Linda Andrus, for ordering from time to time these wonderful publications. Most recently we received copies of “The Golden Key for Today.” As many of you already know, the booklet contains a re-issue of Emmett Fox’s classic “The Golden Key.” What is nice about the booklet is that it contains numerous other articles with regard to Fox’s work and how the different authors write about their own personal experiences after applying the techniques that Emmett Fox offers. So thanks again Linda, for making my summer reading complete!
I would like to thank everyone who participated at our annual congregational meeting. I would like to especially thank Maggie Lough for her time and energy serving on our Board of Trustees. So, THANK YOU MAGGIE! Also I would like to welcome our new members to the board. They are Nora Drew, who is so willing to serve out Maggie’s term, and Deborah Persaud who will serve as an alternate member. So once again, thank you both for your willingness to serve our spiritual community. Also Michael Bennett and Pamela Peabody also agreed by unanimous proclamation to continue serving on the board. Thank you both as well! At our first board meeting for the new term, the board, after brief deliberations, chose their slate of officers, which are: Audry Bechard - Secretary, Lavinia Pisano - Treasurer, Michael Bennett - Vice-President and Jeff Haberman - President. On behalf of your Board of Trustees, I wish you a happy, relaxing and a smoke-free “FUN” summer!
Peace and Prayers,
Jeff Haberman - President for the Board