A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

Jeannine Flaten - The Bridge to Understanding 7-15-2018
Dan Comstock "The Bridge to Understanding" 7-8-2018
Evy O'Leary Bennett "The Bridge to Understanding" 7-1-2018
Joan Hoedel 6-17-2018 "Father's Day"
Martin Horn 3-10-2018 "Imagining More"
Jeannine Flaten 6-3-2018 "Imagining More"
Jeff Haberman 5-27-2018 "Expanding Your Power"
Michael Bechard 5-20-2018 "Expanding Our Power"
Linda Andrus 5-13-2018 "Mother's Day" - Expanding Your Power
Sheryl Silberman 5-5-2018 "Expanding Our Power"