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Sunday Service

Jeff Haberman completes the theme for the month, Aligning Our Will. Unity is offering simultaneous broadcast of the Sunday service using Zoom and allowing a limited number of people, 25,  to be in the sanctuary.  Those coming in person must follow health guidelines that include wearing a face mask, sitting in marked locations to maintain social distancing, and not engaging in handshakes, hugging or singing.  Those who can attend via Zoom are encouraged to do so.  The link to the Zoom meeting is sent out every Friday via email. If you are not getting this email, please call the church and leave your email address on the answering machine.  Services are also being recorded and posted on the Unity of Missoula website within a day under the heading “Sunday Lessons” and at the “Missoula Unity Sunday Talks” on YouTube.  

Unity of Missoula has adopted new practices during this time of the global pandemic. At the time of this writing, we are in Phase 2 of the re-entry program, as decreed by the governor of the State of Montana. However, in an attempt to limit the number of people in our sanctuary, our Board of Trustees has decided to encourage our congregants to attend services via Zoom or through our website if at all possible. Of course, if you don’t have access to a computer, or cannot connect, please come in person! If you need more information, please call Linda Andrus, 549-7860, or send an email to the church: missoulaunity@gmail.com. We are still not allowing hand shakes, hugs, or hospitality, and all those entering the building are asked to wear masks. Thanks for your patience and support!

08/30/2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Unity of Missoula Now Has Limited In-person Seating as well as Zoom Sunday Service

Unity of Missoula Sunday Service at 11:00 am currently allows up to 25 people wearing masks in the sanctuary with simultaneous Zoom virtual meeting broadcast. For Zoom link, send an email to missoulaunity@gmail.com