Mutterings from your LUT

Once again it is time for our annual month’s focus on prayer. Actually, the month of September is tied to the power of Order, one of Charles Fillmore’s twelve innate spiritual powers that he believed reside within each of us. But, with Unity’s World Day of Prayer always falling on the second Thursday of September, we at Unity of Missoula have often added the power of prayer into the theme.
This year we have been blessed by the publication of Unity’s booklet, “The Prayer for Protection,” an in-depth look at the prayer with which we close each Sunday service. James Dillet Freeman wrote it in 1940 when he was asked for a prayer to address the growing war in Europe. Our Sunday speakers will be using this booklet as a jumping-off point for their presentations. 50 of the booklets are available in the foyer of the church so please be sure to pick one up. They contain short essays about how the writers have used the Prayer for Protection to remember and reconnect with the power, protection, light and love of God in all kinds of situations.
Interestingly, one of the lines from the prayer that is most meaningful to me, “And all is well,” was not even written by Mr. Freeman but was added much later. When he wrote the prayer, the appearance of the world was certainly NOT “well,” with a terrifying war in Europe soon to escalate into another world war. For some reason, my husband Tom and I have been drawn to watch lots of movies lately based on some of the events of World War II. Even so far removed from the actual experiences, I find myself drawn into them and ever grateful that my life, in contrast, is so peaceful.
So how do we believe that even in the midst of tragic, horrific events we can affirm “all is well?” I have had people tell me this is the thing they dislike the most about Unity: this simplistic, Pollyannish platitude and attitude that “all is well.” For me, I have come to realize that no matter how bad circumstances appear to be, after I manage to get past the hurt, I come to a point of peace and understanding. In fact, every single time I have come out of the darkness into light and have realized that I have learned a great lesson, or avoided a life-altering mistake. It also seems that the sooner I can change my attitude and turn to trust that God is in charge, the sooner things take a turn for the better. The right people show up to do what needs to be done, the money needed for the project magically appears, and the problems turn out to be simple miscommunications. Even the worst health problems will resolve themselves. Indeed, I cannot remember a single time in my life that the darkness triumphed and I was left worse off than I had been.
Am I just lucky? Oh, I agree I have been amazingly blessed, but so are you! So next time you feel beaten down by circumstances, remember the Prayer for Protection and know that truly, “God goes with you wherever you go, and all is well!”
With love and blessings, Linda Andrus, YOUR Licensed Unity Teacher