Youth Education

Youth Education during the Pandemic

The pandemic has been an interesting time to learn new things. We have all gotten a chance to reflect and to grow in new and different ways. Our youth ministry has been scarce over the last year, but I recently attended the Unity Youth Conference and came back with many ideas on how to engage the youth in our Unity community.

We are very lucky to have educators on our teams who are making use of online platforms such as Zoom, Google classroom, and bitmoji rooms to create youth ministry opportunities. As a region, there have been distanced outdoor fundraisers to bring children together and begin to get them excited about serving their community and participate in contributing their light. We have options.

Diane Venzera serves as the Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator and has been working hard to host classes and bring together our collective minds to keep the youth ministry going with fresh, innovative ideas. Some youth directors in our region have put together weekly mailings to send to the children. Others have visited the children on their porches to stay connected. Youth ministry is also being conducted on Zoom on a weekly basis until it is safe to meet in person. The region has found many ways to make connections and to keep the youth ministry going strong.

Unity believes our youth are just as important as the adults in our community.They have many gifts to contribute. Children are our future. I look forward to continuing to further the spiritual education of our children.

Tereece Panique