Speakers and Themes September/October

September Speakers

The theme for September is “Prayer: the Door to Order,” and the focus for our speakers is Unity’s beloved “Prayer for Protection,” by James Dillett Freeman. The spiritual ability/power is order, the representatives are the disciple James, son of Alphaeus, and Rebekah, and the color is dark green.

September 3    Roger Harvey
September 10    Rev. Elise Cowan
September 17    Michael Bechard
September 24    Dan Comstock

October Speakers

The theme for October is “The Beauty of Enthusiasm,” the spiritual ability/power is zeal, the representatives are the disciple Simon, the Zealot, and the Samaritan Woman at the Well, and the color is orange.

October 1     Rev. Susan Gumm
October 8    Louise Harvey
October 15    Jeff Haberman
October 22    Jeannine Fläten
October 29    Linda Andrus