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Report from your Licensed Unity Teacher

Wed, 05/11/2022 - 12:41pm -- nleifer

Report from Your LUT
Our Tuesday book group has been reading Still on Fire, Field Notes from a Queer Mystic, by Jan Philips, for the last several months. Some of you may be tired of hearing me rave about this book, but I can’t say enough good things!
One of the chapters I read recently really lit me up with a new approach to my daily meditative practice. Jan helped me get past my reluctance and resistance, both of which I consistently ignore, but engage in nonetheless, and, instead, to begin the period of meditation with an attitude of joy. It was eye-opening to think to myself how I “got to” spend time in the quiet with my higher power, rather than do it as an obligation or “should.” When I actually relaxed, and let the feeling of peace and stillness fill me, rather than worrying about whether I would be able to attain that serenity, and chasing after it as my usual practice, I was amazed at how powerful the feeling of complete love became. I let the sense of “coming home” to my God-self fill my thoughts, letting the release of worldly cares be washed away. It was a truly life-altering experience.
This book is filled with Jan’s experiences, beginning with shame, guilt, and a need to cover-up her true self and evolving to an awakened, enlightened spiritual teacher who has come to help us all accept and unveil who we truly are.
I would be remiss if I didn’t encourage all of you to consider joining one of our Unity book groups. We are joyfully growing in spiritual awareness together, as we “walk each other home!”
With love and blessings,
Linda Andrus, your Licensed Unity Teacher