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Teacher's Notes from Linda Andrus

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 2:53pm -- nleifer

Teacher’s Notes
Like many of you, I have been doing more reading during this time of staying closer to home. I have enjoyed many of the little booklets printed by Unity Worldwide Ministries that come to our church periodically. I spoke about one that had a great impact on me when I spoke at the end of May: 30 Days to Fearless Living. This booklet was followed up by their annual publication about healing, The Heart of Healing. It features stories and songs by Karen Drucker and appeals to those of us who use music to uplift our thoughts and feelings.
It was amazing to me how timely both of these booklets are, given our global pandemic challenge. How do we stay in (or return to) a positive frame of mind when the outside world seems so disastrous? How can we function from a place of peace without being accused of living in unreality? How do we maintain personal connections in a time of physical distancing? I am in awe of how our ego minds have created the perfect vehicle to completely reinforce our perceived need of separation. It presents a real dilemma for those of us who truly desire to live in a more enlightened way. Do I wear a mask? Do I stay home from all possible social encounters? Do I dare to even go to the grocery store, let alone church, out to eat, or a study group? What if I get sick? Better to be safe than sorry! How far down the road of fear we have allowed ourselves to go!
Of course, I realize that many of us are physically vulnerable, and some of us are especially so. However, I’d like to remind us all that we have the power to change our own minds and beliefs, and that by doing so, we can change the outside world as well. Instead of focusing on the negativity that is constantly being reinforced by the media, let us instead focus on the possibilities that are presenting themselves. Many of us have discovered new ways of communicating. Many of us are reading, or rereading, spiritual texts that inspire us. Many of us have discovered, or rediscovered, the power of prayer and meditation. Let us remember, like Mr. Rogers said, to “look for the helpers.” Let us look for the positives instead of the negatives. Let us look for the people who are working so hard to discover a vaccine, and/or a cure. Let us reach out and bless the stranger with at least a smile, make a donation to the Food Bank or the Poverello Center, help a neighbor with yard work, or whatever else we are called to do. Let us find ways to let go of our fears and to step out in trust, knowing that indeed, “God is right here and I am safe.”
With love and blessings,
Linda Andrus, your Licensed Unity Teacher

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