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Wishing You a Fearless Christmas!

Tue, 11/09/2021 - 5:05pm -- nleifer

Wishing You a Fearless Christmas!
Looking back on last Christmas, it is hard to believe we have spent another year under the shadow of Covid-19 and variants. Somehow, in my memory, last Christmas seemed like the bleakest one ever, since there was no vaccine yet available and we were all hunkered down, not sure if we dared leave our houses to do anything resembling a normal Christmas.
In fact, last Christmas was a pretty bleak one for our family. The day after the beginning of Christmas break from school, our granddaughter tested positive for Covid. Since she and her mom had had dinner with us two nights before, this meant that Tom and I and our son Patrick were all expected to quarantine for the entire Christmas week, as well as Genevieve and Araya. This obviously created a marvelous opportunity for lots of re-scheduling and creativity to make any kind of Christmas possible!

I will be eternally grateful for all the Unity people who stepped in to make our Christmas Eve service happen even though we couldn’t attend. I am also grateful to my sister-in-law and brother who adjusted Christmas dinner plans, which turned into a New Year’s Day dinner. I am also grateful that I had a roast in the freezer, which became our Christmas dinner, and that we were able to deliver plates to our daughter to enable them to have a contact-less Christmas dinner as well. I am also grateful that Araya’s disease was short-lived (just two days of high fever, followed by several days of boredom in quarantine). We did have a Zoom family session on Christmas morning where we all took turns opening our presents. In fact, one big advantage was I had less than half the usual mess to clean up! I was also gifted with unexpected time to read and talk on the phone as we completed our quarantine, virus free, thank you, Spirit!

At the end of last December, we were just beginning to see Covid vaccines, but we had no idea when and how we would be able to get one. Then, by the end of January, we got our first shot! We were elated to finally see progress in this battle. Little by little, we emerged from our self-imposed limitations, stepping out to restaurant meals again, daring to go unmasked to stores, and even making summer travel plans. And then . . . well, we all know what happened next. The Delta variant arrived, and people began to be sick again. Early on, those of us who were vaccinated dared to think that we were safe. But the longer the disease re-spread across the country the more we realized a vaccine didn’t necessarily ensure safety. We returned to wearing masks again, and staying home rather than venturing out. More and more we heard stories of friends and relatives who got Covid even when they were vaccinated. Fear and confusion made us forget the truth of the spirit we are.

As I have watched this fear and confusion dominating my life and the lives of others I care about, I have been led deeper into prayer and meditation. What, exactly, are we supposed to be learning from this? Why do some people get this disease in spite of all the precautions they take? What makes other people appear immune, even when they are practically daredevils? My prayer has become one asking for patience and understanding, as well as strength and courage. Somehow when I pray and go to the silence, I am able to return to peace, no matter the outside circumstances. There is an order to life, even when my ego refuses to let me see it. I know that when I trust in the power of the Spirit within, I am safe. I know even if my body gets sick, I am whole. I can indeed let go of fear thoughts, knowing that God goes with me wherever I go, and I am a beloved child in whom He is well pleased!
May you be blessed with this power, peace and understanding this holiday season. Let us all let go of fear thoughts and gladly greet the awakening of our Christ light together again!
Love and blessings, Linda Andrus, your Licensed Unity Teacher